Leading Landscaping Companies To Draw Inspiration From

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If you’re thinking of starting your own landscaping business, you made a good choice because landscaping is one of the few trades that requires no formal education. Many young men and women around the world start landscaping companies fresh out of high school, and there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own successful landscaping company.

But, it’s important to draw inspiration from the right companies. If you repeat bad habits because you copy the model of a company with bad business practices, it will be much harder for your new business to succeed. That’s why, today, we here at global-leaders.tv want to recommend some examples of leading landscaping companies and what to look for when drawing inspiring from. Let’s get started!

First and most importantly, if your new business is competing with bigger companies in town, you want to give yourself the upper hand by making sure the landscapers you employ are experienced and paid well. Successful landscaping companies that have been around for decades and eventually get passed on through family generations know this well. If you hire an inexperienced crew and don’t pay them well, it will become very hard to grow via word of mouth or referrals. You want to give the best landscaping service you possible can, and the only way to do this is to hire landscapers who know what they’re doing and care about quality results.

Next up, you want to get a good understanding of just who your competition is in town, and try to choose the best company to emulate. For example, here’s a landscaping Victoria BC crew that are the leaders in their own city, and you can tell by their professional website, they way they promptly book appointments and host a large array of different residential and commercial landscaping services.

No matter what city in the world you live in, try to find a company that has all these 3 bolded points above. Other things to look for when choosing a company to draw inspiration from are:

  1. friendly staff who make you smile when they answer the phone.
  2. landscapers who clean up all their messes after leaving a site.
  3. landscapers who aren’t loud and belligerent while working.
  4. companies that have been around a long time, because typically successful companies deserve their longevity for a reason.

Lastly, when it comes time to design your business and set up all the behind-the-scenes operations, don’t hesitate to call your local inspiring landscaping leaders and ask for advice. Mention that you’re new in town, have no intention of stealing their clients, and just wish to learn some tricks to kickstart success. If they really are the nice folk they claim to be, they should be happy to teach you a few things. Some useful tips might be where they do their advertising, who the best bookkeeper in town is, or how they became so successful to begin with. A great tip for your inspirational company could also be something as small as which software they use to book and schedule landscaping quotes and cost estimates.

You’re on the right track to building a company that will actually serve your local community, if you get inspired by the right people, that is. Don’t rush, don’t cut cornets, and you’ll be bound to succeed!

One Thing All Leaders Have in Common

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This is a short post I wanted to briefly share, just to get you guys thinking if you come along it. I’ve been thinking what every leader has in common and it occurred to me – the very definition of a leader!

You can’t call yourself a leader if you don’t fit the definition of a leader, therefore the one thing every leader has in common is fulfilling what a leader is: whether or not you want to you must lead other people.

Technically a leader could be anything that leads something, like even a raindrop falling down a rocky bluff, if it’s ahead of all the other raindrops falling, is a leader.

Not everyone in this world is built out to be, let alone wants to be, a leader, but many of us are forced to, even if its just to lead ourselves. It’s the greatest leaders who are!

Be a Better Leader in the New Year

2022 leadership training

2022 is a few days away, and us here would like to suggest several ways that you can become a better leader in the New Year. Good leadership is important not only for the people you interact with but also for yourself and your own mental health. How can you expect to lead others when you can’t lead yourself?

So here are two ways you can work towards enhancing leadership skills in 2022:

#1: Read biographies of historical leaders. Many famous dead people can teach us more today than the wisest people alive. Read and research the famous leaders of the past and apply what you learn in the present.

#2: Take opportunities. By affirming now that you’ll be a better leader in 2022 means you’ll be consciously more aware of opportunities to apply your new leadership skills. Stay on the look out for chances to lead others and be helpful, and you’ll be able to practice this way, improving your experience.

Leading Yourself to Victory

It’s sad but true that many young people in the Western world today come out of university thinking they’re victims of some corrupt system. If only they had majored in history rather then gender studies or sociology, they would realize how special these times are that we’re living in. In the Western world we all have the ability to lead ourselves to victory despite what any government or institution says about it. It’s all thanks to the European Renaissance where we began to value the power of the individual. Before this, all of Europe was clumped together in Christendom. But when the Catholic church could no longer suppress the heresy of Protestantism this love for the individual spread to the Americas via the first European settlers and now we’ve created one of the most free and beautiful civilizations mankind has ever seen, yet our youth think they’re victims…

You are never a victim until your decide personally to become one or agree with others when they try convince you that you’re a victim.

To prove this is true, just look at the many leaders alive today who, despite their troubled pasts, never thought of themselves as victims and rose to create enterprises that have changed the world for the better. They led themselves to victory because they have the right to do so. It’s not a right that governments give us; it’s a right we were born with. That’s what the founders of the United States of America believed, and they wrote it into our laws. The government isn’t here to give us rights, it’s there to protect them.

Each individual is responsible for their own victory and failing to see this truth is why students fresh out of university would rather blame their problems on others.

Stop blaming your problems on others!

Lead yourself to victory by being grateful for your historically profound freedom. Because by the way things are going in the world today we might not have this freedom forever let alone much longer. So use it while you can, and lead yourself.

Leaders of Ancient Civilization in the Modern World: The Stonemasons


Today I want to give a special mention to yet another class of under recognized leaders today. There’s a reason why all the old buildings in most cities have etches left by a guild of masons on it. Free Masonry is mysterious to many people, but once you know the history of medieval guilds and why stonemasonry is such an important aspect of the creation of modern civilization it’ll start to make sense. One King Philip IV decided had decided that the Knights Templars had grown too powerful in the Late Middle Ages (14th century) and decided to sack one of the most ingenious guild of temple builders history had ever seen. Well, this King Philip got rich from his raids but he failed in the long run for the Knights Templars still exist today. They’re close allies with the Free Masons, sharing many religious ceremonies together, and seeing this history makes this make perfect sense today.

Like I said, because these guilds are shrouded in so much mystery people start to think of wild conspiracy theories when the truth is often more simple yet stranger than fiction. I’m not sharing anything that is not already publicly known here; I’m only sharing what most people aren’t aware of yet – that we as members of Western civilization, or civilizations from around the world for that matter, should feel gratitude when we see the etches of some long-dead stonemason on our historical buildings.

Stonemasons have literally built civilization from the ground up, and I say the word “literally” seriously, for they actually built many of our capital buildings and continue to act as custodians of geometry secrets today. Not everyone can be a stonemason because not everyone can think in the genius methodical ways that a mason must think when he designs the incredibly-hard-to-build vaulted ceilings of stone cathedrals and government offices. Modern homes built with metal and wood are nothing to compare in terms of difficulty when it comes to building a structure purely out of stone, and that makes sense considering that stone buildings from the ancient world still exist today while thousands of buildings made from wood and metal have since vanished off the face of the earth.

Therefore I give my respects to crews of stonemasons like Masonry Vancouver Company as they continue to build our civilization upwards with their long-lasting legacies of stone.

A List of My Favorite Leaders Alive Today

Today I want to share a brief list of my favorite leaders who are a live today. These are public figures who have shaped my perception of reality for the better thanks to their amazing leadership in their respective fields.

  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Lawrence Krauss
  4. Joe Rogan
  5. Connor McDavid
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Who are your favorite leaders? I’d love to hear who and why over email.

Feel free to get in touch.

Be back soon!

Kings in Medieval Movies vs. Appliance Geeks in Real Life

who affects society more? Kings of the past or the geeks of today?

My brain has been rowing and rowing down a river of confusion for the past few days. I’ve been developing a concept that I found really hard to articulate, but finally figured out a way to articulate it. I wanted to show why and how the simplest of people who at first sight might not seem to be leaders at all are in fact better leaders than idols we might be inclined to imitate in Hollywood movies.

In a way, with this article, I want to add to my previous statement that anyone can be a leader. In fact, many of us who are often mocked for being geeks are in fact some of the most influential leaders in technological innovation and have had more impact on the human species than real kings from medieval history. Think of the inventor of the electronic keyboard, whoever that may be, and think of how much has come out of that one invention. I daresay the electronic keyboard arguably has had more of an impact on human progress than, certainly, Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad the Impaler may have been a medieval king of sorts, or a lord or whatever, and he may have invented some cool torture devices and been looked up to as a leader in his day among his followers; but the invention of one small geek working anonymously in the 20th century was able to have more of an impact on Western civilization with one small invention.

Leaders like the appliance geeks who developed the microwave oven may not be the same kind of leaders as a commander who leads troops into battle, but they’re leaders nonetheless because they spearhead innovation and force other people to follow the path they have created for humanity. Indeed, you can go back and watch all the best medieval movies and study every word that every king utters and be inspired, wishing to imitate their illustrious greatness, but you’ll very rarely go and watch a movie about geeks working in a science lab and wish to emulate them. This is the point I’m trying to articulate, so that maybe we can show more appreciation to the geeks leading the way for human advancement behind the scenes.

appliance repair geeks

And we can take this realization even deeper, to the households of your local community, say Victoria BC for example because I was there recently. Ask yourself which leader has more of an impact on the daily lives of citizens in such a city, the pen-pushing politician up in a the Parliament Building writing letters about how he’s so good at golf to other pen-pushing politicians in Ottawa, or the appliance repair geek working every day to make sure your neighbors don’t have to dig a firepit in their yard to cook dinner for their family? I dare ask you again, in different terms, should a public leader in your society truly deserve more praise than a private leader doing appliance repair Victoria BC services behind the scenes? In my mind, a small business like that is a hero worth of a medieval king’s crown. Think about this as you consider my next point.

We never hang pictures of modern geeks in gilded frames on our walls! I’m not necessarily angered by this but I found it shocking after thinking of it enough. Truly, there’s a good reason for this though. While hanging a portrait of Napoleon up in a university library might be deemed appropriate, we’d never think twice about hanging up a portrait of the guy who invented the microwave or the guy who invented the escalator. For sure, we do hang pictures up Tesla or the Wright Brothers and other famous inventors on our walls, but only because they’re famous. And this brings us to why things are the way they are, because while the real impactful leaders of everyday life in our society aren’t public leaders unlike the great military leaders of the past, they deserve just as much attention. They’re not in the public eye and so, while they might get recognized in small circles, they never get brought into the public eye in the same way. But I mention all this because I argue that, because they’re just as impactful if not more so than famous leaders of the past, they deserve to be brought into the limelight–they deserve to be praised and appreciated just as much a king in a Hollywood movie…

Thank you.

Happy Canada Day!

canada day 2021

Today I want to wish all my friends in Canada, or every Canadian for that matter, a very happy Canada Day!

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of history about the American Revolution, and I had no idea how big of a role Canada played in shaping even the US of A throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. From the ports of Halifax where His Majesty’s fleet weighed anchor to combat George Washington and over to the Montreal where the French bishops waged their politics, Canada is full of vast, interesting history and this history is what I celebrate on Canada Day. Sure, the country today is a beautiful place full of kind-hearted people and this alone is worth celebrating but I believe it’s twice as pretty when you take it’s history into account. My favorite historical Canadian leader is Frontenac. I highly recommend looking into his career as Governor of New France in the 17th century.

Just like the history of any country, Canada has it’s dark aspects too, and we must remember this as well to humble ourselves. I’m personally not Canadian but I visit often and have family there. I think I know something about the effect of residential schools and the Catholic Church, not only because it’s buzzing in the news right now but because my nephew who lives in Vancouver BC learned all about it in his history class and explained it well over the phone. It’s dark stuff, but contrasted to everything else it makes the brighter history all that much more bright.

So don’t get too bogged down in your negative history on this Canada Day of 2021, oh Canadians. let yourselves cherish the beautiful land you hold and celebrate the joys of the past and the potential your wonderful country has to offer the world for many centuries to come!

Happy Canada Day!

Everyone Is A Leader


Some people claim that their aren’t any good leaders in the world anymore. Such people who maintain this opinion will forever be followers of other people. This is because the first thing to do is become a leader for those you care about if not at least yourself. Jordan Peterson says clean your room and the BLM founders say we don’t need good leaders to change the world. Michael Jackson said start with the man in the mirror, and so on and so on.

Point being, you are a leader you just haven’t tapped into it yet. Who rubs soap on your skin every day, you do! Who puts on your shoes, you do! If you don’t need an external leader to tell you to do these small things, then you don’t need one to tell you to big things either. Just pick up your chin and lead yourself. We here at Global Leaders believe in you, no matter who you are.

Point made!

Wallace Wattles: Creator of Leaders

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Perhaps the most influential people of history aren’t those who lead, but those who have created many leaders. Wallace Wattles, an American writer from the 19th century, it one of those men who have created many leaders. In fact, his writing continues to create more nearly two hundred years later, today.

During his short 51 years on Earth, he was able to influence some of the most influential people of the 20th century. I personally consider one of the people influenced by him, as I keep a copy of his book “The Science of Being Great” in my car for whenever I have to wait around.

He reminds us that reading and acting isn’t enough to become great. We must act in great ways, even when doing small things, and think about what we read. He says, “Read less and think more,” which is perhaps my favorite quote of all time as I love to repeat it to brainiacs who know a lot of useless facts but are still broke and powerless in the world. Knowing is not enough, says Wallace. We must act on what we know.

He also has other books on staying healthy healthy and getting rich. He died unexpectedly while running for office, a sad day that still needs to be investigated further.

I tip my hat to this great creator of leaders.