Happy Canada Day!

canada day 2021

Today I want to wish all my friends in Canada, or every Canadian for that matter, a very happy Canada Day!

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of history about the American Revolution, and I had no idea how big of a role Canada played in shaping even the US of A throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. From the ports of Halifax where His Majesty’s fleet weighed anchor to combat George Washington and over to the Montreal where the French bishops waged their politics, Canada is full of vast, interesting history and this history is what I celebrate on Canada Day. Sure, the country today is a beautiful place full of kind-hearted people and this alone is worth celebrating but I believe it’s twice as pretty when you take it’s history into account. My favorite historical Canadian leader is Frontenac. I highly recommend looking into his career as Governor of New France in the 17th century.

Just like the history of any country, Canada has it’s dark aspects too, and we must remember this as well to humble ourselves. I’m personally not Canadian but I visit often and have family there. I think I know something about the effect of residential schools and the Catholic Church, not only because it’s buzzing in the news right now but because my nephew who lives in Vancouver BC learned all about it in his history class and explained it well over the phone. It’s dark stuff, but contrasted to everything else it makes the brighter history all that much more bright.

So don’t get too bogged down in your negative history on this Canada Day of 2021, oh Canadians. let yourselves cherish the beautiful land you hold and celebrate the joys of the past and the potential your wonderful country has to offer the world for many centuries to come!

Happy Canada Day!