Leaders of Ancient Civilization in the Modern World: The Stonemasons


Today I want to give a special mention to yet another class of under recognized leaders today. There’s a reason why all the old buildings in most cities have etches left by a guild of masons on it. Free Masonry is mysterious to many people, but once you know the history of medieval guilds and why stonemasonry is such an important aspect of the creation of modern civilization it’ll start to make sense. One King Philip IV decided had decided that the Knights Templars had grown too powerful in the Late Middle Ages (14th century) and decided to sack one of the most ingenious guild of temple builders history had ever seen. Well, this King Philip got rich from his raids but he failed in the long run for the Knights Templars still exist today. They’re close allies with the Free Masons, sharing many religious ceremonies together, and seeing this history makes this make perfect sense today.

Like I said, because these guilds are shrouded in so much mystery people start to think of wild conspiracy theories when the truth is often more simple yet stranger than fiction. I’m not sharing anything that is not already publicly known here; I’m only sharing what most people aren’t aware of yet – that we as members of Western civilization, or civilizations from around the world for that matter, should feel gratitude when we see the etches of some long-dead stonemason on our historical buildings.

Stonemasons have literally built civilization from the ground up, and I say the word “literally” seriously, for they actually built many of our capital buildings and continue to act as custodians of geometry secrets today. Not everyone can be a stonemason because not everyone can think in the genius methodical ways that a mason must think when he designs the incredibly-hard-to-build vaulted ceilings of stone cathedrals and government offices. Modern homes built with metal and wood are nothing to compare in terms of difficulty when it comes to building a structure purely out of stone, and that makes sense considering that stone buildings from the ancient world still exist today while thousands of buildings made from wood and metal have since vanished off the face of the earth.

Therefore I give my respects to crews of stonemasons like Masonry Vancouver Company as they continue to build our civilization upwards with their long-lasting legacies of stone.