Leading Yourself to Victory

It’s sad but true that many young people in the Western world today come out of university thinking they’re victims of some corrupt system. If only they had majored in history rather then gender studies or sociology, they would realize how special these times are that we’re living in. In the Western world we all have the ability to lead ourselves to victory despite what any government or institution says about it. It’s all thanks to the European Renaissance where we began to value the power of the individual. Before this, all of Europe was clumped together in Christendom. But when the Catholic church could no longer suppress the heresy of Protestantism this love for the individual spread to the Americas via the first European settlers and now we’ve created one of the most free and beautiful civilizations mankind has ever seen, yet our youth think they’re victims…

You are never a victim until your decide personally to become one or agree with others when they try convince you that you’re a victim.

To prove this is true, just look at the many leaders alive today who, despite their troubled pasts, never thought of themselves as victims and rose to create enterprises that have changed the world for the better. They led themselves to victory because they have the right to do so. It’s not a right that governments give us; it’s a right we were born with. That’s what the founders of the United States of America believed, and they wrote it into our laws. The government isn’t here to give us rights, it’s there to protect them.

Each individual is responsible for their own victory and failing to see this truth is why students fresh out of university would rather blame their problems on others.

Stop blaming your problems on others!

Lead yourself to victory by being grateful for your historically profound freedom. Because by the way things are going in the world today we might not have this freedom forever let alone much longer. So use it while you can, and lead yourself.