Wallace Wattles: Creator of Leaders

walllace wattles

Perhaps the most influential people of history aren’t those who lead, but those who have created many leaders. Wallace Wattles, an American writer from the 19th century, it one of those men who have created many leaders. In fact, his writing continues to create more nearly two hundred years later, today.

During his short 51 years on Earth, he was able to influence some of the most influential people of the 20th century. I personally consider one of the people influenced by him, as I keep a copy of his book “The Science of Being Great” in my car for whenever I have to wait around.

He reminds us that reading and acting isn’t enough to become great. We must act in great ways, even when doing small things, and think about what we read. He says, “Read less and think more,” which is perhaps my favorite quote of all time as I love to repeat it to brainiacs who know a lot of useless facts but are still broke and powerless in the world. Knowing is not enough, says Wallace. We must act on what we know.

He also has other books on staying healthy healthy and getting rich. He died unexpectedly while running for office, a sad day that still needs to be investigated further.

I tip my hat to this great creator of leaders.